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Welcome to Akbari Glass and Aluminium.We believe in service, quality & commitment.


We believe in service, quality & commitment”

Spider Glass Work
The Spider plays the role of intermediary between the carrying structure and the fitting fixed onto the glass panel. The fineness of its lines allows the construction to retain all its transparency. We have done many projects, Moreover our projects that are carved using high quality glass. Spiders are designed with attention and tested on various quality parameters to ensure that they are completely flawless. The designer range available with us is reckoned for its sophisticated and intricate patterns.

Aluminium Composite Panel
Aluminium composite panel is a kind of composite materials with the chemically processed aluminium surface layer PVDF and PE core. The features of products decide the wide range in application: wall cladding, building decoration, ceiling panels, counter covering, advertisement sign board, protective covering. As a new-type building decoration material, now aluminium composite panel is widely used in Pakistan. Akbari Glass have specialized technicians to décor your property. The brands of Aluminium composite panels are EUROBOND and DUBOND.

Curtain Wall System The curtain wall is the most airtight and weather resistant cladding and exterior wall system available. This article provides an overview of the components of modern glass and aluminium curtain walls, their design features, performance and durability characteristics. It also provides the architect or designer with knowledge of the technology of aluminium curtain wall design with respect to air leakage control, rain penetration control, heat loss (or gain) control and condensation control. Consideration is given to testing of a new curtain wall system design. Akbari Glass also provides sample design details of curtain wall connections at grade, soffits, head and sill conditions, parapets and at connections with other cladding and wall systems such as brick or precast exterior cladding and wall systems.

Professional in Aluminium Windows & Doors
The best advice as to what products will suite and enhance your property. Just come into our showroom and discuss your architectural ideas with our professional technical staff. Our experience ensure that we able to recommend the best architectural solutions to suit your budget and other requirements. All products are custom made according to your plan ensuring a perfect window and door that is unique and combines beautifully with the architecture of your project.


  • Spider Glass Curtain Walls.
  • Aluminium Curtain Wall, Door & Windows.
  • Aluminium Composite Panel. EUROBND and DUBOND.
  • Automatic Sliding Sensor Door system.
  • All kind of Glasses, Single & Double Glaze, Tempered Non Tempered Glass, Low-e Glass, Reflective, Tinted, Looking etc.
  • Tempered Glass Shower Cabins.
  • Stainless Steel Stairs Railings and Stainless Steel Works.
  • Vertical & Mini Blinds, Glass & Wood Papers.
  • False Ceiling.
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